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BW Papersystems, una división de Barry-Wehmiller, combina marcas extremadamente potentes, tecnologías innovadoras y una dilatada experiencia para las industrias de laminado y embalajes, papelería, encuadernación, documentos de seguridad, y ondulado y acabado.

BW Papersystems es una combinación de  10 marcas reunidas para sintetizar los procesos de fabricación en las industrias de procesamiento de papel. Operamos bajo los siguientes nombres de marca: BW Bielomatik (BWB), BWP Zerand, Curioni, JAG SYNCHRO, Kugler-Womako, MarquipWardUnited (MWU), SHM, VortX, WillPemcoBielomatik (WPB) y Wrapmatic.

RFID Tagliner

TagLiner RFID de BW Bielomatik

La marca BW Bielomatik de BW Papersystems lanza una solución innovadora para producir inserciones RFID: la TagLiner.

Congratulations, Ittihad

BW Papersystems proveerá equipo de laminado y embalaje a una nueva planta de papel de Ittihad en Abu Dhabi, EAU

Primera planta de papel en la Península Arábiga en convertir papel sin madera ni recubrimiento (WFU) para impresión y escritura

BW Papersystems y su marca WillPemcoBielomatik suministrarán los equipos de laminado de tamaño de corte y folio además de embalaje a la planta ecológica de papel fino de Ittihad Paper Mill (IPM) en Abu Dhabi, EAU.

Con una puesta en marcha prevista para fines de 2018, los nuevos equipos de papel de IPM producirán papel sin madera ni recubrimiento (uncoated woodfree paper, WFU) de alta calidad para impresión y escritura. Los nuevos equipos de laminado y embalaje de BW Papersystems permitirán a IPM convertir bobinas de papel a tamaños de papel de copia tradicionales como A4 u 8 ½” x 11”, a diversos tamaños de resma digital tanto métricos como estadounidenses, y a tamaños de formato de papel grande.

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Noticias recientes

  • Vacuum Stacker Provides Optimal Performance

    The Vacuum Overhead Stacker (VOS) was designed to address what BWP’s customers identified as the top challenges reducing rotary die cutter line productivity. These were identified as delays in sheet transfer, scrap in the bundles and line stoppages due to jams.
  • BW Papersystems acquires QUESTEC technology

    BW Papersystems, part of Barry-Wehmiller and a leading manufacturer for the corrugating, sheeting and paper-converting industries, has acquired the QUESTEC technology from Ph-QUESTEC, based in Germany.
  • BW Papersystems expands corrugated line with historic acquisition of K&H Machinery

    BW Papersystems, a Barry-Wehmiller company and capital equipment supplier for the paper industry, has acquired Dongguan K&H Machinery Co. Ltd. The transaction closed on May 31, 2018.
  • PackageOne Installs First MaxPro

    PackageOne is a large independent corrugated manufacturer in Madera, Calif., that produces shipping containers, point-of-purchase displays and contract packaging solutions. As the company continues to expand in the competitive California marketplace it requires state-of-the-art converting technology to meet customer needs. In October, the sheet plant installed the first MaxPro™ set-up-while-run rotary diecutter from BW Papersystems (BWP) and its brand MarquipWardUnited (MWU).
  • BW Papersystems 6.18 MiniPro for Scatolificio Pozzi

    Privately owned italian sheet plant chooses Mini Casemaker from BW Papersystems. Learn why.
  • BW Papersystems to supply cut-size and folio sheeting and packaging equipment for new Ittihad Paper Mill

    BW Papersystems and its brand WillPemcoBielomatik will supply the cutsize and folio sheeting plus packaging equipment to Ittihad Paper Mill’s (IPM) greenfield fine paper mill in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • India's Leading Converting Solutions Company BW Papersystems at Paperex 2017

    No matter what the paper industry's converting Needs are, the best converting Equipment for India's paper industry can now be found under one banner: BW Papersystems
  • BW Papersystems acquires Zerand

    BW Papersystems, a Barry-Wehmiller company and capital equipment supplier for the paper industry, has acquired North American Cerutti Corp.’s Zerand division, from Officine Meccaniche Giovanni Cerutti S.p.A. The transaction closed on September 15, 2017, and is Barry-Wehmiller’s 94th acquisition. Fredericks Michael & Co. acted as exclusive financial advisor to Cerutti.
  • RFID and more

    BW Papersystems, a division of Barry-Wehmiller, provides innovative technologies based on long standing experience in the sheeting & packaging, stationery, bookbinding, security documents, RFID, and corrugating & finishing industries. Q&A with Jürgen Rexer, sales executive, on the BW Bielomatik – BW Papersystems Stuttgart GmbH Labelexpo activities and the main Focus RFID.
  • HexaSolutions invests in eCon synchro knife sheeter from BW Papersystems to double yearly output

    "The cut quality and the wide spectrum of production capacities of the eCon sheeter were really the key factors of this investment," said Christophe Kopp, Managing Director of HexaSolutions. "As a converter, we should provide the best stack quality and the best delivery time for our customers based around Paris, so we were convinced to make the right choice with BW Papersystems equipment."
  • First MaxPro™ Set-Up-While-Run Rotary Die Cutter Sold To PackageOne

    BW Papersystems and its brand MarquipWardUnited sold their first MaxPro™, an innovative set-up-while-run Rotary Die Cutter, to PackageOne, a large independent, custom packaging manufacturer in California, USA.

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